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Meet Our Team !

a uniqe team of professionals who can drive your business into success

CEO & Founder

Eng. Mohamed M. Radwan
Eng. Mohamed M. Radwan/ Chief Executive Officer /

Division Head

Eng. Nasser Al Madany
Eng. Nasser Al Madany/ Head Of X Green Division  /
Head Of X Green Division Responsible of renewable energy solution's projects


Mr. Walid H. Mohamed
Mr. Walid H. Mohamed/ Chief Financial Officer /


Eng. Islam Moustafa
Eng. Islam Moustafa/ Chief Marketing Officer /

Creative Dir

Eng. Adel Khalil
Eng. Adel Khalil/ Creative Director /


Dr. Yehia El Bagoury
Dr. Yehia El Bagoury/ Digital Transformation Director /


Mr. Abd El Salam Nageb
Mr. Abd El Salam Nageb/ Legal Consultant /


Ayman Ibrahim
Ayman Ibrahim/ Chief Operation Officer /

Jr. DE

Mazen Sabry
Mazen Sabry / Jr. Dev. Eng. /


Rami Metri
Rami Metri/ Tech Support /


TBD/ Operation Coordinator /

Our Dynamic Team

Eng. Kareem Gomaa
Eng. Kareem GomaaDigital Marketing Analyst
Eng. Kareem GomaaDigital Marketing Analyst
Ms. Salsabeel Hedaid
Ms. Salsabeel HedaidGraphic Designer
Ms. Salsabeel HedaidGraphic Designer
Mrs. Yasmin Soliman
Mrs. Yasmin SolimanPublic Relations
Mrs. Yasmin SolimanPublic Relations
Ms. Mai T. Kamal
Ms. Mai T. KamalAdministrative Assistant
Ms. Mai T. KamalAdministrative Assistant
Sameh Yehia
Sameh Yehia/ Sales Representative /
TBD/ SEO Specialist /
Marina Atef
Marina Atef/ Graphic Designer /
Amal Alaa Eldin
Amal Alaa Eldin/ Copywriter /
Salma Mohamed
Salma Mohamed/ Social Media Specialist /
Mohand Zaghlol
Mohand Zaghlol/ Customer service /
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